What is Hair fixing and how it is done ?

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Hairs are an important part of the personal self-portrait, and when people start losing this asset, there is an obvious need to worry. For most people, excessive hair loss is not only embarrassing but also shakes their confidence. That’s the reason most people want to cover up their hair loss as soon as possible. There are many new methods of Hair fixing cost in India that will help you achieve a natural look.


But this is a difficult task for the people who are suffering from permanent hair loss which has caused bald spots in men and thinning of hair in women. The permanent solution for this is hair transplant which is the surgical way of hair restoration. While some scares away from the surgery others cannot afford the cost of the transplant. Still, there are solutions for people who are suffering from permanent hair loss are hair fixing. It is the artificial way of hair restoration in which doctors make your baldness go ways with the most natural look. In this non-surgical hair treatment method, natural hairs are added with your actual hair that gives you the exact natural look.

Hair fixing is the most effective procedure that takes less time than an actual hair transplant. It is a non-surgical technique of the hair replacement system. First doctors gauge your hair loss region and then glue the hair silicon system on the scalp by the help of silicon clips or bonds put on the skull for five weeks. During this time you can do your daily routine hair care like shampooing, conditioning, oiling and more. It is a simple and tension free procedure for people who want ordinary facade without taking out the silicon system. There are three methods by which a dermatologist can fix your hairs. They are as follows-


1. Hair weaving treatment

In this treatment a track is prepared in the existing hairs, add medicated threads and use a base to sew the external natural hair which is of the same colour, density and texture to the original hairs. Then the hairs are cut and styled according to the preference of the customer. The customer has to style his hairs again in two to three months depending on how fast their hair growth is.


2. Hair Bonding

Hair bonding is another way of hair fixing cost in India, which is also a non-surgical way of hair replacement treatment. In this method, hairs are divided into different section, and the natural hairs are attached to the scalp between the parted sections with the help of the glue. It is the most common and harmless way of adding volume into the hairs. Also, it quickly covers the bald spots in men. Hair bonding gives a completely natural look and is less costly.


3. Hair patch

In this treatment, a hair patch is glued to the scalp which has natural hairs, along with your original hairs. The cap attached to the scalp doesn’t cause any irritation or other allergic reactions.



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