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For registering any company or a new startup, there is some official and mandatory procedure that a business has to follow for incorporation of the company in Indian official records. With the introduction of online registration done by MCA or Ministry of Corporation Affairs, below you can find the procedure on how to register a company. Also, with online registration, you don’t need to visit the office to register your company. You can simply apply for registration form the comfort of your home. The online company registration in Bangalore will get you with a legal license for your business.


Irrespective of the company, whether it is Public or Private, some formalities are needed to be completed. This includes collecting necessary information about the company and mandatory documents of the Board of Directors. According to Section III of Companies Act, insists on registering a business that gives them a legal status once they are registered. There are 4 steps involved in the registration procedure.

Step 1: Director Identification Number(DIN)

It is the first process in company incorporation that each director should get their identification number. According to the amendment act in 2006, registering a DIN number is mandatory for a director, i.e. every existing director have to obtain their DIN. You need to file an eForm DIN-1 in order to obtain a DIN. This form is available on the ministry of corporate affairs official site.


Every Director makes sure that the Identification number is given to their Company through the DIN-2 Form. Obtain every Director’s Identification Number, and then Company should inform the Registrar of Corporate (ROC) about the receipt of the DIN using DIN-3 Form. If there is any change like address, personal details, company name etc., then the director should intimate this by submitting the DIN-4 form.

Step 2: Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

The information act of 2000 demands a valid signature on all the documents that a company submit online. To ensure the authenticity of the company’s documents, your agency needs to submit a digital signature certificate appointed by the controller of certification agencies (CCA).


It’s illegal to use other company digital signature certificate or other DSC which is not approved. If you already have a DSC, then you need to check its validity which can expire in a year or two. You can acquire DSC from these government agencies like TCS, IDBRT, MTNL, SAFES CRYPT, NIC, nCODE Solutions or others.

Step 3: Create an account on MCA Portal

Create an account on the ministry of affairs portal for filling an eForm and online payment. Also, creating an account is free of cost.


Step 4: Apply for the registration of the company

It is the last step in company registration in which a company’s name is incorporated. It involves recording a company name and appoint of company director, manager and employees. You have to fill Form 1, Form 1-A, Form 18 and Form 32. To complete the incorporation successfully submit the form within 10 days.


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